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BEACH ACTION – Mind & Body

Summer is officially over but the fit bods down at some of Perth’s most popular sandy spots are yet to go home.

6 Mar 2012

You’ve heard of boot camps, but what about beach camps? Enter Aqua Fitness beach camps – holistic-style outdoor training group that fuses yoga with high-intensity cardio and counterweight movements that aim to strengthen the core and sculpt the upper and lower body.

And the best part? Classes unfold on the shore of two stunning Perth beaches and wrap up with a refreshing ocean dip.

And the add

itional challenge of training in the sand – which forces you to work harder and focus on keeping your balance – you’re still getting that hard-core fat-burning workout whihc will deliver optimal results, according to Aqua Fitness founder and head trainer Katrina Thomson.

While based on the boot camp concept, Ms Thomson wanted to take a broader approach to her beach camps and steer clear of the military-style set-up.

“To be able to do it in a way that isn’t so millitant, it creates a less stress-induces environment for people to be able to feel confident and encouraged to get their fitness level to that next point,” she said.

“The whole aim was to

be able to create a environment where women and men were supported through more of a holistic approach to fitness.”

Before launching Aqua Fitness, Ms Thomson had been in Exmouth where she spent much of her time on the beach practising yoga and doing her own cardio and core strengthening excersises.

The West Australian – Vanessa Williams