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I’ve tried a few boot camps and this is by far the best I’ve been to. The combination of yoga, challenging workout, and being in the ocean all appeals to me so much. I feel great inside and out already!

- Aisling Browne

Beach camp has made me feel fantastic, both mentally and physically.
Starting my day with beach camp leaves me feel energised and focused,
and on top of that, I have lost weight, toned my body and improved my
overall fitness.

- Miriam Corbould

Beach camp has totally changed the way I feel about my body, my health and my state of mind. I went to my first beach camp in Feb 2013 and since then have been back time and time again. When I first started beach camp I had gained 5kg that I just couldn’t quite shake off and had lost a lot of strength, confidence and trust in my body.The combination of yoga, cardio, strength building, breathing exercises and a beach swim (all before 7am!) made me actually look forward to getting up to do my daily exercise instead of dread it.

Before I knew it, with the help and support of Katrina, that 5kg disappeared but most importantly I felt strong and bubbling with energy. When you incorporate 3 beach trips a week, morning sun, exercise and some yoga into your routine all your other problems and worries seem to become so much more manageable and less important. Thank you Katrina for making me love my body inside and out!

- Zuzia Zykus

Over the 3 weeks I felt my body change & my flexibility improve. I felt like a salute to the sun guru as the days went by & being able to watch the surf (and the hot surfers!) was a treat much better than cheese or chocolate or coffee :)

- Nazil Gwenn

Surrounded by ocean and sometimes having to stop (only for a second!) because the sunrise was so breathtaking, it was the perfect balance between fitness and yoga, getting my body exercised and my mind focused for the busy day ahead. Fitness needs to be fun! Beach Camp is challenging but MUCH more enjoyable than a boring gym.

- Samantha Hall

Beach camp has helped me to re-energise after a winter slump. Not only have I noticed a huge difference in my fitness but I’m waking up with more energy and a positive sunny glow that lasts all day. Rather than push through ridiculously strenuous activities, I am learning to listen to my body and take control of my own workout. I especially love the yoga and ocean elements of the program which provide opportunity for me to reflect on my goals and intentions… and of course, the lovely trainer is a great support and perceptive of individual needs. She is very quick to offer more suitable activities or that extra extension as my fitness grows. I’m two rounds down and I will keep coming back to see what else I’m capable of!

- Meika Birch

This is my third year of this awesome beach camp program. I’m more focused and productive at work. I have more energy, tolerance and positively at home with the family. The fitness and toning is definitely an added bonus. And jumping in the water after a beach workout is one of the best feelings ever!

- Luke Jacobs